The Munich Air Disaster

The plane lay still on a silent snow covered runway. Source: Alex Murphy

To make it easier to navigate and find, I have made a page to catalogue the 13 separate parts of my extended piece on the Munich Air Disaster. Please take some time out to have a read because not only does it make for a poignant read but it is important to learn about the history of the club we all love and realise just why United are United.

Part I Introduction to the team

Part II The context of the disaster

Part III Profiles of those players lost in the tragedy

Part IV How did Manchester United cope with the immediate aftermath?

Part V How did others react to the disaster?

Part VI The story of Sir Bobby Charlton and how it changed him

Part VII The story of Duncan Edwards – ‘the gentle giant’

Part VIII What has been written about the disaster and what relevance does it have?

Part IX The impact the disaster had on the communities of Manchester

Part X The impact the disaster had on the communties of Manchester (continued)

Part XI The funerals and how did the disaster change the fan relationship?

Part XII How did the disaster affect how football was seen in society even today?

Part XIII Conclusion – The Munich Disaster

Other related articles and videos

Sir Bobby Charlton Documentary Re-watch the amazing documentary that the BBC did a few months ago on Sir Bobby Charlton, profiling his life and the impact the disaster had for him.


3 Responses to The Munich Air Disaster

  1. wobsy says:

    I believe United were offered players on free loan from Forrest, Liverpool, Leeds and Bishop Aukland after the crash. I like to remind some folk of this when they speak of hatred instead of healthy rivalry.

  2. Sam Peoples says:

    They did indeed. A great sign of respect from all of them.

    As far as I have learned, rivalries only emerged around 1968 and the Golden Trio of Law, Best and Charlton. Up until that point, it was considered normal practice to go and watch both City and United matches without animosity.

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