“Financial Fair Play” – Try telling that to Manchester City

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Five Favourite Park Ji Sung Manchester United Moments

Photo: QPR.

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Football Teams Who Lose On Purpose

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Old Trafford Singing Section Scrapped Because Of City Fans

Plans to move away fans to the upper tiers of the Sir Alex Ferguson have been abolished due to the fear of City fans “doing the Poznan” as it might cause the stadium to “flex”. I don’t know what they are worried about – they have to score to do the Poznan and they won’t be doing that at Old Trafford, right?

Old Trafford commander Chief Supt Mark Roberts stated that “stand movement, whilst not necessarily dangerous, could cause panic among fans”. He makes it sound like the stand would start swaying back and forth if people jumped up to celebrate – a slight hyperbole, I detect. If a multi-million pound football stand cannot handle a few thousand people jumping up and down, then it wasn’t built for purpose. Read more of this post

Could Park Ji Sung Be Leaving Manchester United For QPR?

Howard Nurse, BBC Sport Football Editor.

Are the days of the best ever chant at Old Trafford coming to an end?

Park, Park, wherever you may be,

They eat dogs in your home country,

It could be worse, you could be scouse,

Eating rats in your council house.

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Manchester United forced with long away days by Sky and ESPN

Fixture alterations

Mon 20 August: Everton (A) 8pm – Sky

Sun 2 September: Southampton (A) 4pm – Sky

Sun 23 September: Liverpool (A) 1.30pm – Sky

Sat 29 September: Tottenham (H) 5.30pm – ESPN

Sun 7 October: Newcastle (A) 4pm –Sky

Sun 28 October: Chelsea (A) 4pm – Sky

Sat 3 November: Arsenal (H) 12.45pm –Sky

Sat 10 November: Aston Villa (A) 5.30pm – Sky

Sat 17 November: Norwich (A) 5.30pm –ESPN

Other changes

Wed 28 November: West Ham (H) – 8pm

Wed 30 January: Southampton (H) – 8pm

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Modric The Creator – A Breakdown Of His Impressive Season

Luka Modric battles for possession against Darren Fletcher. Photo: Getty Images

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