EXCLUSIVE – Nick Coppack talks about the tour, team and next season

Manchester United journalist Nick Coppack (pictured) will be going on tour with the team.

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The Munich Disaster: Part XIII – Conclusion

I have really enjoyed putting this series online for people to read because they now have a better grasp of the story that surrounds the Busby Babes and their tragedy. I thoroughly recommend reading Sir Bobby Charlton’s autobiography as I don’t think you can get a deeper and wonderful account of what the Babes really meant at the time and reading the book gives you a great perspective that you otherwise can’t have. Read more of this post

The Munich Disaster: Part XI

As promised, here is part XI of the continued Munich series.  Read more of this post

The Munich Disaster: Part X

It is impossible to think that grief was not the overwhelming emotion that swept over the United Kingdom following the crash but the reality was that some were able to move on far quicker than others. This section will try and have a detailed look at the communities involved and the impacts that befell them. Read more of this post

The Munich Disaster: Part IX

So the story continues…I hope you guys are enjoying the series of articles I am doing and in this episode, we will begin to look at how the Munich disaster impacted on the City of Manchester and it’s inhabitants. Read more of this post

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