Hello. My name is Sam Peoples and I am a History graduate from the University of Essex. After writing my dissertation on the Munich Air Disaster of 1958 that befell Manchester United, I found myself thoroughly enjoying in-depth research and writing on a grander scale than a simple essay. Some people simply love watching football, and who can blame them, but my passion for the game goes much further than the 90 minutes. I love everything to do with football – the match, the build-up, the anticipation and the emotions that it carries with it. I would love to get into the world of sports journalism as a career because I see no better way of combining my two passions, sport and travel, and what better way to show my credentials than using a blog as a portfolio. I know how hard it is to get  into journalism as a career and I am currently studying on an NCTJ fast-track journalism course in London. I hope it will give me the basic foundation upon which I can build a career around.  Onwards and upwards.

Please comment and follow the blog if you find it interesting, which undoubtedly you will!


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  1. Ross Gibson says:

    Great site mate! interested in a link exchange ? 🙂

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