Manchester United offer Paul Pogba contract

The Premier League has today made public the retain and released player lists from this year. Here is the list of players that Manchester United have released and players we have retained:


Tomasz Kuszczak

Michael Owen

Paul Scholes *

* List written up before Scholes was offered a contract.


Almedia Da Cunha Luis Carlos
Amos Benjamin Paul
Berbatov Dimitar
Brady Robert
Brown Reece
Carrick Michael
Cleverley Thomas William
Cofie John Erzuah
Cole Larnell James
Daehli Mats Moeller
De Abreu Oliveira Anderson Luis
De Gea Quinta David
Dias Correia Tiago Manuel
Ekangamene Charni
Evans Jonathan Grant
Evra Patrice Latyr
Ferdinand Rio Gavin
Fletcher Darren Barr
(o) Fornasier Michele      Offer
(o) Fryers Ezekiel David      Offer
Giggs Ryan Joseph
Giverin Luke
(o) James Matthew      Offer
Hernandez Balcazar Javier
Januzaj Adnan
Johnstone Samuel Luke
Jones Philip Anthony
Keane Michael Vincent
Keane William David
King Joshua Christian Kojo
Lindegaard Anders Rozenkrantz
Lingard Jesse Ellis
Macheda Federico
McGinty Sean Andrew
(o) Norwood Oliver James      Offer
Park Ji-Sung
Pereira da Silva Fabio
Pereira da Silva Rafael
(o) Petrucci Davide      Offer
(o) Pogba Paul Labile      Offer
Rooney Wayne Mark
Smalling Christopher
(o) Thorpe Thomas Joseph      Offer
Tunnicliffe Ryan
Valencia Mosquera Luis Antonio
Van Velzen Gyliano
Vermijl Marnick Danny
(o) Veseli Frederic      Offer
Vidic Nemanja
Welbeck Daniel
Wootton Scott James
Young Ashley Simon


Barmby Jack
Blackett Tyler Nathan      Offer Contract
Byrne Sam John
Coll Joseph Aloysious      Offer Contract
Dalley Declan Michael
Gollini Pierluigi
Gorre Kenji Joel
Grimshaw Liam David
Hendrie Luke John      Offer Contract
Lawrence Thomas Morris      Offer Contract
Love Donald Alistair
McCullough Luke      Offer Contract
McNair Patrick James Coleman
Pearson Benjamin David
Rothwell Joseph Matthew
Rowley Louis James
Rudge Jack James
Sutherland Jonathan David
Weir James Michael
Wilkinson Matthew Gary

The stand-out contract offer from the list is that of Paul Pogba. The talented Frenchman has been strongly linked with a move away from Old Trafford this summer but it seems that Manchester United have put the offer on the table for him. Considering I think it is his agent instigating the move, maybe Paul will decide to keep plying his trade here. Either way, a decision needs to be made soon to put this to bed.


13 Responses to Manchester United offer Paul Pogba contract

  1. the greed of our youth says:

    pogs fryers and petrucci gone apparently, greedy knob heads

  2. Sam Peoples says:

    Can’t see Petrucci leaving. He was chuffed in the interview after the Senior Cup win. As for Pogba and Fryers, can only wait and see.

  3. d reds says:

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  4. Gerald says:

    Keep it up.

  5. des says:

    that list is not up to date

  6. Trevor says:

    I cannot see andrea pereira on the list

  7. GtiObi says:

    Man utd shud buy….

  8. mustaji says:

    Berba is going too…

  9. OPACO says:

    I wish my lovely man utd all the best. keep my players as much as u can fergie. Also, wish u my boss long life.

  10. bello says:

    that’s more like it.

  11. Letting him go is a decent move. His head’s not right. I can see him becoming the second Balotelli.

  12. Fidelis says:

    Sean mcgnity has left the club as oliver norwood who doesn’t want to stay because of 1st team chances ,petrucci is staying and will sign a 3yrs contract before going out on loan ,but i want lingard,king ,cole ,barmby,petrucci ,blackett ,john cofie, william keane,daehli,januzaj,michael keane ,fornasier ,king,brady to be part of our future even though will keane ,blackett ,brady ,cofie ,petrucci having the best of chances to stay and make it . Daehli and wilson are loved and liked by ferguson .

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