England could do with Michael Carrick and Paul Scholes in Euro 2012

A screamer from Scholes in a memorable match against Barcelona. Photo: Andy Hooper (Daily Mail)

News broke today that Frank Lampard has become the second England midfielder to drop out from the Euros after a scan confirmed he will miss the tournament. It comes less than a week after Gareth Barry pulled out of the tournament with a stomach injury sustained against Norway.

Barry’s departure was a blessing in disguise. Ever since Ozil streaked past him on the sprint in that forgettable 4-1 loss to Germany in South Africa, he has been terrible in an England shirt (not that he was much better before). Lampard on the other hand is a big loss to England, especially considering this was his last tournament, so he would have spilled his guts for the team.

Jordan Henderson and Phil Jagielka have been called up as a consequence. What a squad England have. Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick are sitting at home whilst Jordan “better-off-not-playing-at-all” Henderson gets called up to the big time.

Carrick is the top performer this season according to

Although Paul Scholes not being part of the England team is absolutely no surprise seeing as he hasn’t played for his country since 2004, you would imagine that Hodgson must of tried to seduce him? Players like Paul don’t come around too often and in a lacklustre English midfield, he is exactly the creative spark that might boost the squad, even by being on the plane with them.

On the other hand, Hodgson must be kicking himself he can’t take Carrick.

According to Roy, Michael ruled himself out of the running and with only 22 appearances for his country in ten years, it is not hard to see why.

Forever overlooked, Carrick had obviously had enough of seeing Lampard and Gerrard forever playing together and forever failing to perform. England need a player like Carrick – a brain, a winding cog, an ever-reliable ticker of the game in midfield.

Michael was fantastic for United this season, despite what any critic will tell you. When United were banging in goals at the start of the season, we were leaking them at an equally alarming rate and were conceding chances for fun. Upon Carrick’s return, we tightened up as a team, we became a defensive unit again and he brought possession football back into the squad.

He even managed to grab himself a couple of goals this season including a memorable run from the halfway line before finishing against QPR. The midfield play that Carrick and Scholes brought to the title run in was the oil to our engine – everything went through them.

Oh how England would love to have even half of that partnership this summer but don’t worry, Parker will get injured so Liverpool’s dynamite duo of Gerrard and Henderson will wow audiences in Poland and Ukraine, in one way at least.


8 Responses to England could do with Michael Carrick and Paul Scholes in Euro 2012

  1. Toneybhai says:

    I m sorry for carrick.he play very good this year but u konw to many player for england why don’t want man u player cleverly he is very good player.

  2. Segun adekunle says:

    Hogson is foolin hmself. He will definitely regret leavin mich and paul at home. Engl wil be a mess at d euro

  3. Princekayode says:

    Its definately going to be a big regret for hogson, while could he left a player like carick and can’t even persuade scholes to play for him @ euros? Dis his mildfiled is not perfect with parker going with doubt? He was wrong with his opinion of dropping dis two players and instead went for Henderson and jaglikar…

  4. Princekayode says:

    I don’t see him goin far from group stage, he was wrong with his player selection honestly….

  5. Kalobwe obed says:

    I like wesley s

  6. Sam Peoples says:

    England have a crying need for Carrick. Hodgson should of done his best to persuade him.

  7. patto1992 says:

    Carrick is a very good player but I would rather have Parker and Gerrard in the middle of the pitch so even with the injuries he is still only third choice but I do think if Parker gets injured then Milner will play in the centre so he still may not have had a chance of playing

  8. Sam Peoples says:

    He should be one of the first choices but he has been constantly overlooked.

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