Manchester United away kit for next season revealed…unfortunately

It doesn't matter who wears it, still looks awful...

The new kit has been officially unveiled today and I wished that they hadn’t bothered. What ever happened to the glory days of football kits? Nowadays, Nike churn out kits season after season with minimal success rates in being anything even slightly aesthetic and this away kit falls slap bang into that category once again. It doesn’t matter who tries to pull the kit off, it is still going to look pants. I would much rather see United play in the black kit of last season because it was a lot less worse than this. No wonder we are worth $1.86 billion, considering we are force fed all of this United merchandise that we are encouraged to lavish our wallets on. Off with the head of whoever designed this tosh! Bring back the 1993 away kit is what I say.

Bring it back (and him...)

Official release: Manchester United website


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