Manchester United: We’ll never rename Old Trafford

19 English league titles have been won at Old Trafford and the name is synonymous with what Manchester United is. Photo: Paul Ellis (Getty Images)

After Manchester City renamed their stadium “Etihad Stadium” in a farcical bid to try and avoid their inevitable European doom if they don’t meet the FIFA Fair Play Financial Rules, rumours swirled that one day in the future maybe Manchester United would do the same. The thought of that ever happening made me heave with disgust as I couldn’t ever imagine going to watch United at any other stadium than Old Trafford and a United spokesman has today backed up my opinion, citing that United have never humoured the thought:

“We have no plans to change the name and have never received an approach to do so.”

City might be willing to sell their bodies and soul in order to get their hands on a piece of silverware but that is not what United have ever been nor will ever be. Prior to the 1990s and the rise of Sir Alex Ferguson, United hadn’t won an English title for over 25 years and people seem to quickly forget that in the midst of our success in the previous two decades. We didn’t work our way to the top to then sell our home just to get some more money to play with. Sure, we may well have foreign owners (let’s not get into that debate) but we still remain as ethical as we can be in this modern day and age of over-inflated transfers and preposterous wage demands. There will probably be a day in the future when Manchester City rename themselves United Arab of Manchester City but they can Sheikh the hands of whoever they want, I’d still rather sit on my (red) side of the fence thanks.

Full story: Manchester Evening News


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