Howard Webb: You’ll Never Walk Alone

SAF will sink his teeth into this recently released video if anything untoward and controversial emerges from the game against Chelsea today…

Ryan Babel started a myth that Howard Webb was a Manchester United fan following the decisions in the 1-0 FA Cup game between United and Liverpool. Does this really look like a Manchester United fan? Babel was deluded, as is everybody else who agrees with him. Although this footage is apparently from a referee’s convention in 2009, it is not the sort of behaviour you want to be watching just before an important fixture. It is unprofessional and my previously flawless image of Howard Webb has become a little bit tainted. Let’s see what happens today.


3 Responses to Howard Webb: You’ll Never Walk Alone

  1. CanTheyScore says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with that? He’d have been the main guest at some event and hes unprofessional just because he acts like a human being?

  2. Sam Peoples says:

    If your one of the most important referee’s in the game and have been involved in accusations of loyalty to teams by idiotic twitter comments, then doing something like this is only going to fuel the fire.

  3. Howard Webb did United no favours today – but we were still too good for Chelsea because Ryan Giggs is playing the best football of his career for the best football manager of all time

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