Gomes wasn’t lying

Gomes howler against Real Madrid

What. A. Muppet. Time and time again Gomes has let howlers slip through this fingers which have drastically cost Tottenham Hotspur valuable goals at terrible times and now he has cost United. There is no doubt that Gomes is a great shot stopper as he has shown at various points this season but when it comes to shots straight at him, Gomes seems to lose all grip on reality and seems to let the tamest of shots dribble over the line.

Lampard disgrace at the World Cup

Although, most of the blame will have to go to the linesman who found keeping up with the game a difficult job. People may criticise SAF for his public outbursts against officials but this deserves an outburst. He was not in a position to make the call and when he did make it, he made the wrong one. FIFA need to pull their thumb out and stop being stubborn. The game is getting damaged time and time again. I won’t have to remind any readers about what happened in the World Cup in South Africa but ironically, the officials decided to give the goal to Lampard when the ball actually wasn’t over the line! Fantastic.

What is even more incredible is that Gomes openly told the media that the mistake against Real Madrid, which instantly killed the tie at White Hart Lane, would not be his last:

“This was not my first mistake and I know it will not be the last one in my career. But I need to show character like I did before.”

How can a team have belief in their goalkeeper if he is telling the media things like this? It’s impossible. Tottenham need to sell Gomes if they want to have any confidence in their man between the sticks because I don’t think that he will be able to stop these ungraceful errors from creeping into his game. The rentboys got their stroke of luck but it won’t stop the United train from gaining that record 19th title.


2 Responses to Gomes wasn’t lying

  1. Blatter has single handedly made a mockery of football by not modernizing it. Only now that he has a challenger, he has vowed to change things. We need technology now. Today was another fine example of how badly wrong officials can get it. It not always their fault. The game moves at a far more rapid pace than ever. It only takes a few moments to check it on tv playback.

  2. Sam Peoples says:

    It annoys me that a lot of the time, fans are left talking about the controversies of a game rather than the football itself and it is happened many times over the past few years. Blatter knows that he has to stop being stubborn, get off his high horse and admit he was wrong to block it for so long.

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